Lattice Technology Announces that Dassault Systèmes Natively Supports XVL on the 3DEXPERIENCE® Platform

—The XVL format expands the functionality of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform for users downstream from product design —

Denver, CO October 21, 2021 — After a three-year joint development project between Dassault Systèmes and Lattice Technology Co. Ltd, working with Toyota Motor Corporation, native XVL on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform for Japan is available now (worldwide release is planned for 2022). The inclusion of native XVL with the platform enables increased usability downstream of product design in areas such as production engineering and service. 

“Users can instantly and directly access XVL data on 3DEXPERIENCE. The members of design and production engineering feel that they have reached a new level of 3D utilization. The timeliness achieved in this project is very important in terms of accumulating the reduction of one small operation and not disturbing designers’ thinking“, said Hiroshi Kawazoe, Director/Toyota Systems Corp.

The source for this press release was a live interview between Hiroshi Kawazoe, Director/Toyota Systems Corp., Stephane Declee, ENOVIA CEO/Dassault Systèmes and Hiroshi Toriya, CEO/Lattice Technology Co. Ltd.

Toyota Systems: Different Needs for Design, Production Engineering & Services

“In Toyota, CATIA is widely used in the design area, and XVL is widely used in the production engineering and service document areas. When these two solutions are closely linked on 3DEXPERIENCE, I think Toyota might have bigger benefit from them,” said Hiroshi Toriya, CEO/Lattice Technology Co., Ltd.

“We need both the technical role of creating content, and a simple mechanism that many people can use for taking advantage of the content,” said Hiroshi Kawazoe/Toyota. 

“Toyota uses CATIA for the former and XVL for the latter. It has great meaning that the technical department creates detailed data and people in production site or factory, suppliers can use lightweight 3D and simple tools even from places where IT infrastructure is not sufficient”, said Kawazoe.

“Also, such a situation greatly expands the range of 3D utilization. In particular, Lattice, a purely Japanese-like company, has been very effective developing applications that meet the specific needs of the Toyota production process”, Kawazoe went on to say.

Dassault: Need for Agility & Resiliency

“Agility and resiliency will become even more important in the future. Many manufacturing companies are considering how they can change the way of work according to these goals. The way of work in design and production will surely change”, said Stephane Declee, ENOVIA CEO/Dassault Systèmes“.  It is necessary to reform the way of working so that we can provide appropriate information to people and collaborate with each other wherever they are. This also leads to remote work and to work anywhere. This is true not only for Dassault and its customers, but also for partners. In addition, “Cloud” will become a keyword in new measures for the design and production fields”, said Declee/ENOVIA.

”Global collaboration is also very important for the themes we are working on with Toyota Motor Corporation. Not only online but also offline collaboration is essential. That means delivering correct information based on 3D data. With 3D, various members can have a common understanding intuitively and without misunderstandings. Such aspects of 3D data will become so important as to be called indispensable”, said Kawazoe/Toyota.


XVL is an important addition as a native format available on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform for purposes other than design because it is extremely lightweight (about 1/100th the CAD file size) and maintains CAD level accuracy. 

XVL can also accommodate all major CAD formats in a single representation, meaning SOLIDWORKS® models, CATIA® models, and models from other CAD systems can be combined into a single model, that is accurate for performing work outside of the design department from manufacturing planning, to assembly simulation, creating work/service instructions, and any technical documentation that needs the 3D model.

The process is seamless. Users can download any model in XVL format, regardless of its origin.

“Now XVL and CATIA data exist in a 1-to-1 state on 3DEXPERIENCE. Non-CAD users can get their job done while sharing the correct 3D data globally, both online and offline.”, said Toriya/Lattice.

“As a result of this strong partnership and great efforts by all three companies, I believe that the best collaborative solution has been achieved. XVL can be managed as a native format on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, said Declee, ENOVIA.

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