Unleashing the Power of XVL Studio: New Features for Enhanced Electronic Work Instructions 

New features make XVL more powerful for Manufacturing Engineers to create robust work instructions

Denver, CO, May 17, 2023 – XVL Studio, a cutting-edge software tool for electronic work instructions, continues to push boundaries with three new features: Auto-Update of Design Changes, Expanded Format Support, and Animated Highlighting with Trace Lines. These features empower manufacturing engineers to achieve greater efficiency and precision. 



Auto-Update of Design Changes 

XVL Studio's "Auto Detect and Update" feature scans the new 3D CAD model, identifies changes, and applies all previous work to the latest version. This saves time, enables concurrent work, and preserves work integrity during design changes. 


Expanded Format Support and Templates 

XVL Studio now supports Microsoft Excel, 2D PDF, 3D PDF, and Lattice Web3D formats. It offers powerful template functionality, simplifying work instruction creation according to specific business standards. Templates reduce authoring time and streamline the workflow by automating 3D model insertion, work instruction processing, and document publishing. 


Animated Highlighting with Trace Lines during Playback 

XVL Studio introduces Animated Highlighting with Trace Lines, enhancing visual communication during work instruction playback. Components are dynamically highlighted, and their movements are traced using animated lines. This feature provides clear visual guidance, reduces errors, and improves efficiency, especially in complex assembly processes. 


XVL Studio continues to evolve as a leading software tool for electronic work instructions, addressing the evolving needs of manufacturing engineers. The Auto-Update of Design Changes feature ensures synchronized work instructions with the latest design revisions. Expanded format support enables seamless collaboration and distribution. Animated Highlighting with Trace Lines enhances visual guidance for operators. 


By leveraging these new features, manufacturing engineers can streamline work instruction creation and management, resulting in increased productivity, improved accuracy, and enhanced collaboration. Embrace the power of XVL Studio's new features and propel manufacturing operations to new heights of efficiency and success. 


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