XVL Content Manager & XVL Web3D Manager Enhancements Revolutionize Web-Based Access for Digital Transformation

Enable all stakeholders to have access to accurate 3D product and related data using only a web browser

Denver, CO, October 9, 2023 - Lattice Technology, a leader in enabling manufacturing companies to extend the use of the 3D CAD data for Digital Transformation, announces significant enhancements to its XVL Content Manager (XCM) and XVL Web3D Manager (XWM) products. These improvements empower organizations with cutting-edge capabilities for streamlining the sharing and streaming of 3D CAD data to stakeholders downstream from product design.

*XVL Content Manager (XCM):*

XVL Content Manager is the cornerstone for secure vaulting and version control of 3D models, product data, and related documentation. It distinguishes itself from traditional Product Data Management (PDM) systems by placing the 3D Virtual Product Model at its core, offering a visual and intuitive approach to navigating product information. Key benefits of XVL Content Manager include:

  • **Version Control:** XCM ensures that users downstream from design access the most up-to-date information, establishing a single source of truth.
  • **Integration:** Seamlessly integrates with other systems such as PLM, ERP, and MES, enhancing the value and benefits of existing infrastructure.
  • **Up-to-date:** Advanced auto-update capabilities keep XCM content synchronized with underlying 3D data, ensuring users can always access the latest information.
  • **Sharing:** XCM manages data and utilizes XVL Web Manager for secure streaming and sharing of 3D data.

*XVL Web3D Manager (XWM):*

XVL Web3D Manager is a comprehensive solution for publishing and delivering interactive 3D content. Optimized to handle large 3D models, XVL Web3D Manager offers rapid and secure viewing of model-based content via modern web browsers without plug-ins. It provides high-performance 3D viewing with built-in authentication and authorization, ensuring content delivery to the right individuals. XWM extends beyond visuals and supports structured Bill of Materials, work instructions, parts lists, 3D Snapshots, and more.
Enhancements for XVL Web3D Manager:

  • Annotation views
  • Pop-up windows displaying element properties
  • Semantic Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI)
  • Enhanced geometry tree sets
  • Grid displays with distance measurement
  • Display of bodies and shells in the assembly tree
  • Filter options for display parts in the process parts list
  • Properties display for XVL files
  • Offline Web3D content viewing
  • Angle and coordinate measurement capabilities
  • Improved dotted line display
  • Touch operation center of rotation specification on tablets
  • Enhanced process animation alerts and performance improvements

**Enhancements for XVL Content Manager:**

  • Support for XVL Converter Advanced and semantic PMI
  • Integration with manufacturing trees
  • Enhanced monitoring and stability
  • Real-time task execution
  • Notes and dimensions searchable in full-text search for XVL files
  • XVL files containing only notes/dimensions can serve as Master XVL files
  • Review records tracking
  • Approval tab for user-related applications
  • Variation management option
  • Email notifications for approval processes
  • Improved folder tree display performance


See for Yourself

Experience the power of XVL Web3D Manager through interactive demos available on our website. Explore these demos in any standard HTML5 web browser - absolutely no downloads are required.
Demos for the following:

  • 3D Drawings
  • 3D Parts Catalog
  • 3D Parts List
  • Animated 3D Work Instructions


Visit Web3D Demo Page

Whether embarking on a Digital Transformation journey or seeking efficient ways to share 3D data with stakeholders downstream from design, the solution of XVL Content Manager and XVL Web3D Manager offers a compelling solution. 


About Lattice Technology 

Lattice Technology solutions drive Digital Transformation in the manufacturing industry.  Our award-winning XVL Technology enables major manufacturers to innovate their business processes and improve quality, reduce costs and shorten time-to-market. 

Using Lattice Technology solutions, engineers and non-engineers alike can easily review product designs, simulate assembly processes, author work instructions, create documentation and more -- all directly from 3D engineering data. 

Lattice Technology serves the global 500 and their suppliers.  Founded in 1997, Lattice Technology has offices in Japan and North America and works with resellers in 91 countries. 



Mark Guthrie 
Smart2Market, Inc. on behalf of Lattice Technology, Inc.