Announces New Capabilities to Virtually Plan & Simulate Assembly Processes

New XVL Studio Updates Increase Capabilities for Manufacturing Engineers 

Denver, CO, April 20, 2023 – XVL Studio is a powerful tool for manufacturers who need to plan and simulate complex assembly processes. With the software's ability to work with native 3D CAD data, manufacturers can easily drag and drop parts from their engineering bill of materials (BOM) and build the assembly process tree. This streamlines the planning process and ensures accuracy since the data is coming directly from the 3D CAD system. 

New features have been added to XVL Studio which increase its ability to detect clashes and measure tolerances with CAD-level accuracy. This ensures that potential issues are identified and addressed before the assembly process begins, saving time and preventing costly mistakes. 

A key attribute to XVL Studio is its lightweight structure, which makes it easy to move the entire product into virtual reality. This provides a visual immersion for validating assembly processes and allows manufacturers to make changes and adjustments in real-time. 

Overall, XVL Studio is an essential tool for manufacturers who need to plan and simulate complex assembly processes. Its ability to work with native 3D CAD data, detect clashes and measure tolerances with CAD-level accuracy, and provide visual immersion in virtual reality make it an indispensable asset for any manufacturing operation. 

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XVL benefits companies that produce products with high part counts, complex geometry, detailed manufacturing processes or have ongoing lifecycle support requirements such as documentation, maintenance, and training. Target industries range from those developing large products such as airplanes and automobiles to small, complex machinery and medical devices. 

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