Looking into Digital Transformation? Web3D Manager Enables Efficient, Controlled Sharing of Complete Virtual Products and Associated Data

Leverage your 3D CAD data into complete virtual representations that can easily be shared with any stakeholder using only a web browser with no plug-ins

Denver, CO, June 28, 2023 – In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, Digital Transformation is key to achieving growth and efficiency for manufacturing companies. However, determining the first steps towards this transformation can be a daunting task. To help businesses navigate this process, we are pleased to offer a powerful recommendation for a starting point.

Digital Transformation begins with ensuring the availability of data to stakeholders, and we believe that sharing complete 3D models and associated data lays a solid foundation for this journey. In our latest blog post, titled "Digital Transformation Foundation: Effective Sharing of Complete 3D and all Associated Data," we delve into the challenges and opportunities for manufacturing companies and present an innovative solution.

XVL Web3D Manager - Enabling Stakeholders

Introducing XVL Web3D Manager, a comprehensive platform that simplifies the sharing and utilization of 3D model-based content. With XVL Web3D Manager, businesses can:

  • Enable all stakeholders to experience powerful 3D viewing, even for large data models in the gigabytes, using a web browser alone without the need for downloads or plug-ins
  • Provide stakeholders, both internal and external, with complete information necessary to perform their jobs, from manufacturing planning to purchasing and service
  • Improve training programs and documentation through interactive materials
  • Enhance collaboration across the supply chain, resulting in faster time to market
  • Ensure data security with robust authentication and authorization mechanisms built into the platform

By reading our full blog post, you can explore the numerous benefits of efficient model-based data sharing and discover how XVL Web3D Manager has the potential to revolutionize your digital transformation journey.

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Moreover, the blog post provides access to live demos using any browser, allowing you to explore various use cases and witness the power of web-based Web3D for CAD models.


Should you have any specific inquiries about how XVL Web3D Manager can specifically benefit your company, we invite you to please contact us here


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Using Lattice Technology solutions, engineers and non-engineers alike can easily review product designs, simulate assembly processes, author work instructions, create documentation and more -- all directly from 3D engineering data. 

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