Next Generation of Work Instructions Directly from 3D CAD Presented at TechDocDay

Combine all your 3D CAD files into a single XVL file - Then create digital & interactive work instructions for assembly and service

Denver, CO, September 22, 2023 – Join the session “Work Instructions 2.0” for the manufacturing floor on Monday, September 25th. Presented by Marc Jablonski, General Manager, Lattice Technology. 



Are you still using prototypes and pictures to create work instructions? 

We would like to show you a better way. 

With Lattice3D, using XVL, you can create an entire Virtual Product Model that includes all of the 3D CAD files used to design the complete product; combining ALL of the native MCAD files (regardless of formats) and we can also use neutral formats. 

Using the Virtual Product Model, you can create visual & interactive work instructions. No pictures, no drawings – rather, by leveraging all of the 3D CAD data to make accurate & easy-to-understand work instructions. 


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About Lattice Technology 

Lattice Technology solutions drive Digital Transformation in the manufacturing industry.  Our award-winning XVL Technology enables major manufacturers to innovate their business processes and improve quality, reduce costs and shorten time-to-market. 

Using Lattice Technology solutions, engineers and non-engineers alike can easily review product designs, simulate assembly processes, author work instructions, create documentation and more -- all directly from 3D engineering data. 

Lattice Technology serves the global 500 and their suppliers.  Founded in 1997, Lattice Technology has offices in Japan and North America and works with resellers in 91 countries. 



Mark Guthrie 
Smart2Market, Inc. on behalf of Lattice Technology, Inc.