Collaboration Customer Case Study: Cuts Time & Costs

-- Collaboration Drives Ultra-Fast Order Turnaround and Reduces Man-Power by 90% for Die and Mold Company by Using XVL from Lattice Technology --


Located in Niigata City, Japan, TSUBAMEX Co., Ltd. designs and manufactures dies and molds for industries such as vehicle manufacturing, home appliances, farm machinery and architecture. They specialize in rapidly turning around custom designs for their manufacturing customers.

In order to provide ultra-fast turnaround, Tsubamex implemented a collaborative production process that includes all functional areas in the company — from sales to finishing. At the center of the collaboration is the Enterprise Information Portal (EIP) containing all of the information about a customer’s order and the parts to be manufactured. The EIP is powered by Lattice Technology’s XVL-based solutions. Eighty percent of their 120 employees use the portal to complete their job, creating an efficient collaboration environment for ensuring a quality product is produced efficiently and delivered with industry-leading speed.

XVL contains both the CAD model and associated information like work instructions and the manufacturing bill of materials. For the CAD model, is it an ultra-lightweight format (usually 1/10 of 1% of the original CAD model size) and continues to maintain CAD level accuracy. Size is important because it directly impacts the speed of access. Accuracy is important for making decisions. XVL can be accessed by internal and external stakeholders with a number of options including Microsoft® Excel®, interactive web pages, an iPad® app, 3D PDF, or the Lattice3D Player™ app – all free.

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