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Webinar: Electronic Work Instructions

How does your company create work instructions? Most companies still use applications, like Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, and general purpose drawing programs from Adobe and Corel.

Using these general purpose applications have many shortfalls, such as:

  1. Unable to leverage the 3D model data, so everything is recreated
  2. Inaccuracies can easily be included
  3. Updates are tedious when changes occur

Lattice Technology offers solutions to create 2D and even interactive 3D work instructions directly from 3D CAD models.

Join this short 30-minute webinar to learn:

  1. How easily robust work instructions can be produced from CAD models
  2. How the authoring is simple without CAD experience or a license
  3. How product changes are easily managed and prior work is retained

Learn how your company can experience these same benefits through our brief but informative webinar.

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3D Manufacturing Evolution

3D Manufacturing Evolution


Global manufacturers are using 3D CAD and developing huge troves of 3D CAD data. Lightweight 3D technology such as XVL enables them to utilize those assets to drive efficiencies not just in design and production, but throughout the organization to lower costs, improve quality, and enhance customer satisfaction.