Lattice Technology Announces XVL Web3D Manager, Enabling Unprecedented Access to Gigabyte-Size 3D Models for Stakeholders Using Only a Web Browser

— New technology gives fast access to complete product data regardless of their size or originating CAD system —

Lattice Technology, Inc., a leading software solution provider in the PLM space, announces the release of XVL Web3D Manager. This new product enables viewing of complete product data (3D and metadata) using any modern web browser. What separates XVL Web3D Manager from standard viewing solutions is that it can accommodate gigabyte-size 3D models with fast performance, access control, and other features.

Lattice Technology delivers XVL-based software solutions that enable manufacturing companies to repurpose 3D CAD data to be used by stakeholders downstream from product development. XVL can be the single source of truth and can serve as a company’s product data backbone for 3D data consumers — standalone or inside of PLM/PDM systems. Common use cases include design reviews, assembly validation, assembly work instructions, technical documentation, and procedural service instructions. With XVL, multiple CAD files can be converted and combined into a single XVL file, even those from different CAD vendors. XVL is ultra-lightweight so that even the largest 3D models can be accessed in their entirety.

Web3D Manager for Gigabyte-size CAD ModelsXVL Web3D Manager provides complete management for XVL data files. Management includes versioning; storage of related files, such as 2D drawings and work instructions in industry-standard formats like PDF and Microsoft® Excel®; integrations with internal systems; and controlled sharing to any stakeholder using a modern web browser without add-ons. 

For sharing 3D data, XVL Web3D Manager controls user authentication and access rights. XVL Web3D Manager is a server product, which streams 3D and associated metadata to any modern web browser that supports HTML 5. XVL Web3D Manager delivers a high-performance user experience, even when viewing extremely large models with thousands of parts.

“Most of our customers use PDM/PLM systems. XVL supplements these systems to facilitate improved workflows for leveraging their 3D CAD models to functions downstream from product development,” said Hiroshi Toriya, CEO, Lattice Technology. “We have optimized XVL for the data consumer; for instance, for manufacturing, tech pubs, and service. XVL can consolidate multiple CAD files from virtually any CAD format, and because it is extremely lightweight, it can handle even gigabyte-size CAD files. XVL Web3D Manager, our latest product, simplifies how companies engage stakeholders by using only a web browser for even gigabyte-size CAD model files,” Toriya said.

Try live streaming examples by visiting XVL Web3D Manager. Nothing to download, just use your web browser.


Convert – Author – Publish is the process for using XVL. Convert from virtually any CAD format. Author use case-specific information leveraging the existing 3D CAD and metadata. Publish 2D or interactive 3D documents for consumption by free viewers and players, including modern web browsers and Microsoft® Excel®. To learn more about XVL, download our XVL whitepaper or contact us by visiting this page (


Lattice Technology provides XVL-based software solutions in the PLM market space. Our solutions enable users in functions downstream of product development to use 3D CAD data for their specific needs. XVL, which is CAD agnostic, was designed to be used outside of product development. Using XVL solutions, engineers and non-engineers alike can repurpose and leverage 3D CAD model information for functions ranging from manufacturing to service.

XVL benefits companies who produce products with high part counts, complex geometry, detailed manufacturing processes or have ongoing lifecycle support requirements such as documentation, maintenance and training. Target industries range from those developing large products such as airplanes and automobiles to small, complex machinery and medical devices.

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